Sunday, December 30, 2012

Your Jets-Bills Open Thread: Nobody, But Nobody, Runs For The Bus Like The Buffalo Bills

About the only drama involved in today's season finale between the New York Jets and Buffalo Bills will see which team wants the season over more.

Running for the bus is a Bills tradition as hiring head coaches no one else wants. Fourteen times over the past 44 seasons, Buffalo has ended a playoff-free season by getting beaten by at least 17 points, with a margin of 28 or more on 11 occasions. The average score of those 11 surrenders: 40-10.

These Bills have even given up without urgency, looking very much like a team bereft of desire or pride through a 50-17 loss to Seattle in Toronto and a highly deceptive 24-10 walk-through in Miami last Sunday.

The Jets, of course, have problems of their own. But Rex Ryan retains realistic hope about coaching the Jets again next year, while Mark Sanchez should be rather desperate to prove that New York doesn't have to blow up its salary cap in order to get rid of him.

That this will be the last game for Chan Gailey and Ryan Fitzpatrick, though, is as close to a foregone conclusion as you're going to see in the National Football League.

This one is, thankfully, banned from local television. But if you would like to share your thoughts on the past or the future of the hometown team, feel free to do so in the comments below.


  1. Decided to sit this one out today. I figure I will watch it on TV, yes I said watch it on TV. A very simple procedure that the NFL and Ralph Wilson still haven't figured out how to stop the dumb asses. This team no longer worthy of my money or support.

    Jets 31 Bills 6

  2. I can see it here but I refuse to get anywhere near a set that is playing the "Who gives a shit" bowl. I am in a Wilson Boycott from here on out. As long as this guy owns the team , they're going nowhere. Don't get me wrong, I love the guy and what he has done keeping the Bills in Buffalo and all but the game and the city/county /state/NFL has slightly passed him by or is it buy? I would think at his advanced age he would demand accountability and improvement...Hell, if I hire a guy to paint my house and he makes it look worse, I ain't waitin around to see if it looks a little better after it weathers for a few years....